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Save at home and away.

Meet the Google Nest Thermostat the smart thermostat for home with a cozy price. It can turn itself down to save energy when you leave the house. You can control this programmable thermostat from anywhere with the Google Home app whether you're on an errand or in bed.

And it's simple to install yourself, usually in 30 minutes or less. Remote control and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi. Alerts can notify you of a potential issue with eligible HVAC systems. They're meant to provide helpful information, not an endorsement, representation, or warranty of any kind about the health of your HVAC system. Alerts aren't intended to replace a diagnosis by a qualified HVAC professional.

Nest Thermostats can save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.3


With Quick Schedule, you can easily program the Nest Thermostat in the app, and then adjust anytime you want.


It can turn itself down when you leave the house, so you don’t waste energy on an empty home.


Savings Finder looks for more ways to save, and suggests tweaks to your schedule in the app.

With a Nest thermostat, people can also track how much energy they use every day and see how they can use less.

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Google Nest Smart Thermostat - Snow


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