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Begin developing your own black and white film with the�Film Processing Starter Kit�from�Ilford�and�Paterson. Comprising everything you need, this kit includes an Ilford SIMPLICITY Starter Pack of developing chemicals, a 35mm cassette opener, a Paterson Universal Developing Tank with two reels, a thermometer, three 22 oz / 600mL graduates, a mixing stirrer, and two sets of film drying clips.
Inside The Box:
Ilford 35mm Film Cassette Opener
Ilford SIMPLICITY Starter Pack
SIMPLICITY Film Developer (60mL Sachet)
SIMPLICITY Stop Bath (30mL Sachet)
SIMPLICITY Film Fixer (100mL Sachet)
SIMPLICITY Wetting Agent (25mL Sachet)

Paterson Super System 4 Universal Developing Tank and Reels
Paterson Auto Load Adjustable Reel for Super System 4 Tanks
Paterson Center Column and Agitator Kit for Universal 35mm Two Reel Tank
Paterson Funnel and Lid Kit

Paterson 12" Color Thermometer (Temperature Range 60-150F in 0.5 Increments)
3 x Paterson Plastic Graduate - 22oz(600ml)
Paterson Chemical Stirrer
2 x Paterson Film Clip Set

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(2) Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit PTP574 + More


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