3-Pack Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush-Orchid Purple + Bundle


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The Oral-B Genius X Limited helps you brush like your dentist recommends. It has a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that enables it to recognize your brushing style and coaches you for your best results every day. Using Bluetooth and your smartphone it allows you to see and improve your daily brushing habits, and provide you with real-time feedback about your brushing habits. The Oral-B app seamlessly pairs your Oral-B Genius X toothbrush with a smartphone and you're on your way to brushing like your dentist recommends. The 360 SmartRing with LED lights allows you to personalize your brushing experience with your choice of colors. The SmartRing works with the integrated timer and pressure sensor to provide you with visual feedback on brushing time and brushing pressure. Together, they help you ensure you brush for the recommended 2-minutes while making sure you brush with appropriate pressure to protect your gums from over-brushing. The Oral-B Genius X features 6 brushing modes so you can further customize your brushing experience based on your specific oral care goals.

Inside The Box:

Rechargeable Handle

1 brush head


Travel case.

Best of all it's brought to you by Oral-B. Do not use on children under age 3. Care instructions: Replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn or loose due to damage.

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3-Pack Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush-Orchid Purple + Bundle


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