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DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter with 103 mm radius, Overall Flight Safety improvement, Three Quick-Release Folding Propeller Pairs, and Suitable Indoors or near Obstacles

DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter is a useful accessory that protects people and objects from spinning Quick-Release Folding Propellers. Installing the propeller cage is easy and does not require much technical knowledge. When you check the cage, you will find a lock underneath the cage. Unlock it and attach the propeller cage marked with a 1 onto the right front frame arm. Please note that you require to be double sure that the motor on the frame arm is fully contained. Snap the lock shut and ensure that it is tightly secured with a click sound. Then you repeat the same step for the right rear frame arm.

Our Take on DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter:

DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter has a marking system on each propeller cage. The Right front frame arm, Left front frame arm, Left rear frame arm, and Right rear frame arms are denoted by number 1 to 4 respectively. Once you assemble the propellers, attaching them is also easy. Look for the white marks and attach the white ringed propellers to the mounting base with that color. Follow the same steps for attaching with the mounting base. Afterward, insert the propeller at the top of the cage from the open slot and press the propeller down. You also require rotating the propeller in the locking direction while holding the motors. Please ensure that propeller is settled in the secured position.

DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter can handle flight limits up to a particular limit. The manufacturer warns that the cage may damage through high impact. It may happen when flight speed exceeds 2.68mph. So be mindful about the speed. DJI recommends Tripod Mode when the propeller cage is in use. You also need to be aware of the probability of injury while installing propeller cages. Ensure that you put the securing lock in the right place in case the cage is not in use.

DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter user manual has clearly defined that you should not install a cage before Quick-Release Folding Propellers. Many people take the risk of touching spinning propellers when the cage is on. This misadventure should completely be avoided in any case. The cage is ideal for indoor flying as well as areas with obstacles. It is advised to enable tripod mode in case of use in areas with obstacles.


Propeller Cage Radius: 103 mm
Propeller Cage Weight (Single One): 33.5 g
Security Lock Weight (Single One): 0.57 g
Suitable Indoors or Near Obstacles: Yes
Overall Flight Safety: Yes
Compatible With: DJI Mavic
Securing Lock: Yes
Propellers Physical Dimensions (Diameter x Thread): 19.6 x 7.1 cm
Propeller Weight: 6.5 g
No. of Propeller Cages: 4

Included in the box:

  • DJI Propeller Cage for Mavic Pro Quadcopter
  • Propeller Cage – 4 nos.
  • Securing Lock – 2 nos.
  • Quick-Release Folding Propellers – 3 nos.

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DJI Propeller Cage-Part 31 Drone Flyer


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