Fujifilm 2 Year Limited Extended Warranty for all Finepix Digital Cameras


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This Fuji 2 year Coverage Warranty is made for the Following Models.Fuji FinePix A150,Fuji FinePix A170,Fuji FinePix A220,Fuji FinePix A345,Fuji FinePix A350,Fuji FinePix A400,Fuji FinePix A500,Fuji FinePix A700,Fuji FinePix A800,Fuji FinePix A820,Fuji FinePix A900,Fuji FinePix A920,Fuji FinePix AV100,Fuji FinePix AX200,Fuji FinePix E500,Fuji FinePix E510,Fuji FinePix E550,Fuji FinePix E900,Fuji FinePix F10,Fuji FinePix F100fd,Fuji FinePix F20,Fuji FinePix F200exr,Fuji FinePix F30,Fuji FinePix F300EXR,Fuji FinePix F31,Fuji FinePix F40,Fuji FinePix F440,Fuji FinePix F450,Fuji FinePix F470,Fuji FinePix F480,Fuji FinePix F50,Fuji FinePix F60fd,Fuji FinePix F650,Fuji FinePix F70EXR,Fuji FinePix F80EXR,Fuji FinePix FinePix Real 3D V1,Fuji FinePix FinePix Real 3D W1,Fuji FinePix HS10,Fuji FinePix J10,Fuji FinePix J150w,Fuji FinePix J20,Fuji FinePix J250,Fuji FinePix J38,Fuji FinePix J50,Fuji FinePix JV100,Fuji FinePix JX250,Fuji FinePix JZ300,Fuji FinePix JZ500,Fuji FinePix S1000fd,Fuji FinePix S100fs,Fuji FinePix S1500,Fuji FinePix S1800,Fuji FinePix S2000HD / S2100,Fuji FinePix S200EXR,Fuji FinePix S2550HD,Fuji FinePix S3100,Fuji FinePix S5100,Fuji FinePix S5200,Fuji FinePix S700,Fuji FinePix S7000,Fuji FinePix S8000,Fuji FinePix S8100fd,Fuji FinePix S9100,Fuji FinePix V10,Fuji FinePix XP10,Fuji FinePix Z1,Fuji FinePix Z10,Fuji FinePix Z100fd,Fuji FinePix Z200fd,Fuji FinePix Z20fd,Fuji FinePix Z30,Fuji FinePix Z33WP,Fuji FinePix Z37,Fuji FinePix Z5,Fuji FinePix Z70,Fuji FinePix Z700EXR,

  • 2 Year FujiFilm Digital Camera Warranty
  • Limited Warranty Coverage For and Additional 2 Years
  • coverage for 2 extra years
  • Protection plan for Finepix cameras
  • for fujifilm digital cameras

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