Lifeline Power Wheel for At Home Full Body Functional Fitness Strength including Abs & Core, Lower Body and Upper Body with Foot Straps for More Workout Options


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Lifeline Power Wheel is your sure bet if you truly want to boost coordination, stamina, and balance. It is an indispensable machine for a total body workout, especially if you are looking for good results.

You can work up about 20 muscles in your whole body at the same time so that you will be able to meet your fitness goals. It engages your lower back, hips, abdominal muscles, and obliques to get the most satisfactory results. That is why you can be confident of getting the right functional balance, strength as well as posture required for day-to-day operations. With its innovative design, you can put your hands on the soft foam grips a shoulder-width apart for maximum versatility. Also, you can put your feet in the adaptable foot stirrups to boost body motion.

Our Take On Lifeline Power Wheel

The Lifeline Power Wheel guarantees various workout motions that will bring a good result. This is an advantage over typical ab rollers, hence, you can engage in moderate and advanced workouts. You can move in all directions or maintain positions so that you will be able to hit stabilizer muscles and acquire body control when working up both the lower and upper body to reach core muscles. Your exposure to various motion planes will help in boosting balance as well as strength and reduces your exposure to the danger of injury during workout sessions. This will guide your fitness program on the right path for optimum effectiveness.

Besides, if you use this machine with functional training, you will experience enhanced joint mobility, stability, and effective motor patterns. You will be exposed to various exercise options to get the most satisfactory outcome. Some of these options are crawls, pushups, pickups, leg lifts, ab rollouts, leg curls, crawls, knee to chest movements, just to mention a few. Its soft foam grip makes you comfortable and reduces hand fatigue during workout sessions. That is why this machine is one of the fitness products with high demand in the market presently. Its regular use will boost your physical fitness so that you will be able to stay fit throughout the day.

This machine is produced from materials of high quality so that no one can dispute its lastingness. Its length measures 17.5 inches, width measures 16.75 inches while height measures 3.75 inches. This is compact enough not to consume too much space wherever you want to use it. It is made in the United States meaning that you can be confident of purchasing a product of high quality. Lifeline is a trusted brand that has been in this business for a long time, hence, their products are usually dependable. With the Lifeline Power Wheel, your fitness program will certainly move to the next level.


Material: Plastic
Color: Black
No of Simultaneous Workout Muscles: 20
Suggested Users: Unisex-adult
Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.52 x 17.01 x 4.02 inches
Package Weight: 1.41 Kilograms
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.5 x 16.75 x 3.75 inches
Sport Type: Exercise & Fitness
Style: Power
Country of Origin: United States

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  • Lifeline Power Wheel

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