Rokinon Xeen 85mm T1.5 Lens for PL Mount with Professional Accessory Kit


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Rokinon's Xeen 85mm T1.5 Lens is built specifically for use as a cinema lens, and is not a modified still photo lens. It features an internal focus design so that the lens does not change size while focusing, minimizing breathing. Each lens in the Rokinon Xeen cinema lens set is multi-coated for good contrast, glare prevention, and color matched to a factory standard, allowing you to assemble a set over time with minimal color shift. This 85mm focal length is often chosen for portraits and close-ups. The lens features dual-sided focus scales in feet, with dual-sided iris scales. The 11-bladed iris provides a rounded aperture for a natural looking highlights and Bokeh.

The lens is a manual focus and iris lens, and does not have auto focus or auto iris capability. It incorporates cinema-style focus and iris gears that share the same position across the lenses in the Xeen set. The common 114mm front diameter allows for quick lens changes when using a matte box and focus accessories. The focus ring rotates 200? from close focus to infinity; this gives you a high degree of precision and consistent focus.

This 6AVE Bundle Includes:
1 x Rokinon Xeen 85mm T1.5 Lens for PL Mount
1 x 2 Meter High Performance HDMI Cable
1 x Lens Pen Cleaner
1 x MicroFiber Cloth
1 x High Quality Dust Blower

  • Rokinon Xeen 85mm T1.5 Lens for PL Mount
  • 2 Meter High Performance HDMI Cable
  • Lens Pen Cleaner
  • MicroFiber Cloth
  • High Quality Dust Blower

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