Steiner 8x22 BluHorizons Binoculars With Padded Backpack AND Cleaning Kit


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Outfitted with innovative technologies and designed for easy carrying, the Steiner Optics 8x22 BluHorizons Binocular is ideal for the beach, trail, or sightseeing around town.

Steiner's proprietary Autobright Lens Technology utilizes existing tech from the eyeglass industry to solve common problems?such as eyestrain, reduced contrast and clarity, and washed-out colors?when using magnified optics in extremely bright conditions. This photochromic adaptive system automatically dims the lenses in bright sunlight, much like popular transition eyeglass lenses that are clear when you're inside will darken when you go outside. By reducing the excessive light, the lenses improve color rendition, contrast, clarity, and resolution while also making your viewing experience more comfortable. This is complemented by a wide apparent angle of view to give you an immersive experience. Winged eyecups that block peripheral light from hitting your eyes further improve contrast and reduce distraction.


Steiner 8x22 BluHorizons Binoculars
Cleaning Kit

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