Steiner Wildlife 10x42 Binocular


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With the development of the wildlife series, STEINER optics again the standard for high performance binoculars from the highest quality. The new series embodies all of this, for which the brand Steiner been known for years: Innovation, the legendary durability, quality look and sits perfectly in your hand.This Wildlife is designed for the demanding and ambitious outdoor users that can in terms of quality and durability doesn't compromise. The nature provides us often with extreme challenges, whether it's thick fog, heavy rain, extreme cold or Sengende heat. In these circumstances it is essential that your own equipment is functioning properly. With the new The sturdy design and revised look will be the new Wildlife on companion that works in conjunction with his own even the most adverse circumstances to resist. Confidence in our products that we with a 30�year guarantee.The 10x42�allows observing the smallest details can also be found on long distances.If you want to be binoculars in the key moment insert, it is depend on it quick and easy to use. Is an innovative distance control system, with its 360� Focus Wheel allows precision removal start you off and gives you crisp images with a single spin. The new Wildlife have been developed for those that will have you dreaming of the perfection are, which is always the best and also want to try the impossible.No more compromises��the new Steiner Wildlife Series.

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Steiner Wildlife 10x42 Binocular


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