Swarovski Binoculars SLC 8x56 with Accessories Base Bundle


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Swarovski's SLC series roof prism binoculars are ideal for those who want more quality and performance with ergonomic design distinguished by international awards. Optimal viewing comfort, provided by the unconventionally large prism system, and a brilliant field of view make these modern and slender optics truly special for those who appreciate something special. Now arriving in Swarovski's newer forest green finish, as well as having an improved bridge with curvature for better handling.

The 8x56 B SLC-"new" is an enormous (and enormously bright) binocular-well suited to use at dusk and even into starlight for the dedicated hunter. It has an exit pupil of 7.0mm, which is wider than almost any person's own pupil ever becomes of its own accord. This makes it quite simple to keep the image exiting the binocular directly over your own pupil. With this kind of weight, the addition of a monopod while in the field will greatly increase your all-day stamina upon a hike.

Inside The Box:
Swarovski 8x56 B SLC Binocular (Forest Green)
-Unpadded Vinyl Case
-Swarovski Contoured Neoprene Strap for all Swarovski SLC & WB EL Series Binoculars (Replacement)
-2 x Swarovski One Tethered Push-On Objective Lenscap
-Swarovski Eyepiece Rainguard
-Swarovski Snap Shot Adapter

Extra Items From 6Ave:
-Padded Backpack
-6Ave Cleaning Kit

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Swarovski Binoculars SLC 8x56 with Accessories Base Bundle


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