Swarovski STR-80 HD 80mm Spotting Scope MRAD with 6Ave Accessory Kit


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Swarovski Optik designed their STR-80 HD 80mm Spotting Scope as an indispensable companion in a blind or stand, or at the range. This version of the scope is outfitted with a modified duplex ranging reticle with 0.5 MRAD indicators and stadia to assist in range and target size estimation as well as ballistic drop compensation for long-distance shots. Running on one CR123 battery with an exceptionally long runtime, the reticle is illuminated in red with 15 intensities: 10 for daytime use and 5 for nighttime. The reticle, set on the first focal plane, retains its subtension accuracy at any magnification and can be completely removed from view to allow the scope to be used as a conventional spotter.
Optically the STR-80 performs up to Swarovski's high standards and expectations with extra-low dispersion fluoride glass elements that efficiently transmit all wavelengths of visible light, resulting in bright images that are color faithful, crisp, and rich with detail. SWARODUR and SWAROTOP coatings on all lenses and prisms minimize glare while maximizing contrast. The large aperture draws in copious amounts of light, allowing it to be used in the pre-dawn and dusk/twilight hours when animals are most active. This iteration is offered here without an eyepiece for those users who wish to choose one or both of the optional 25-50x wide-angle or 20-60x zoom eyepieces. To make acquiring subjects easy and tracking targets faster, the eyepiece is set in-line with the optical tube for straight-through viewing.

Inside The Box:
-Swarovski STR-80 HD 80mm Spotting Scope (Straight Viewing, Requires Eyepiece, MRAD Reticle)
-CR123 Battery
-Objective Lens Cap
-Eyepiece Bayonet Mount Cap

Extra Items From 6Ave:
-Padded Backpack
-6FT Tripod
-6Ave Cleaning Kit

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Swarovski STR-80 HD 80mm Spotting Scope MRAD with 6Ave Accessory Kit


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