46mm Filter Kit Bundle with Close Up Lens Set, Cleaning Kit, and More

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46mm 3-Piece Filter Kit (UV/CPL/F)
- UV Filter: lessens the amount of UV rays that enter the lens, making the images clearer. This filter also protects your valuable lens from any scratches and dust.
- CPL Filter: removes any reflections and increases the contrast and color saturation. It also reduces glare and haze.
- FLD Filter: helps to balance the outdoor lighting. An FLD filter provides an increased color saturation of your subjects.

46mm Close Up Lens Set:
- This kit includes 4 close up filters of increasing magnification. It makes it possible for regular camera lenses to focus on the object even though it is very close to your lens.

Lens Cap Keeper:
- Never lose your lens cap again with the cap keeper. The cap will remain with the camera and is easily retrieved when finished shooting.

6Ave Lens Cleaning Kit:
- Lens Pen Cleaner: removes fingerprints, dust, and other debris that could possibly compromise your lens
- Air Dust Blower: This is great for cameras, lenses, binoculars, and more! The blower assists with removing dust off of equipment without touching it.
- Microfiber Cloth: The soft microfiber removes and absorbs dust, smudges, and dirt without leaving scratches, streaks, or lint on the lens.

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46mm Filter Kit Bundle with Close Up Lens Set, Cleaning Kit, and More


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