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Canon LC-E19 battery charger is a reliable dual battery charger from Canon. This top condition battery charger provides you with a long-lasting battery life that enables you to bring about excellent results!

The Canon LC-E19 battery charger is a useful option for users who require a charger that can provide a long-lasting charge or battery life. Many popular cameras in Canon's lineup are powered by batteries. The Canon LC-E19 battery charger is capable of charging two separate LP-E19, LP-E4, or LP-E4N battery packs. As there are two battery bays for the charger, you can insert two batteries at the same time into the charger. After one battery is fully charged, the charger automatically starts charging the other one.

Our Take on the the Canon LC-E19:

The charger comes with an AC adapter, which can be directly plugged into AC outlets. The charging rates differ between the different types of batteries LP-E19, LP-E4, and LP-E4N. While it takes 170 minutes to fully charge an LP-E19 battery, the LP-E4 or LP-E4N batteries charge at a rate of 140 minutes per battery. The charger enables quick charging and also has a feature that provides the status of the battery charge through blink indicators. Through the number of blinks it has, the indicator gives information to the user regarding the amount of charge that is left in the battery and also about how long the battery would take to fully charge. Three solid lights indicate that the battery is fully charged.

There is also a calibration mode incorporated into the Canon LC-E19 battery charger. The calibration button can be pressed for activating the process. During the process, the battery charge will first be drained completely, which can take some time depending upon the charge remaining in the battery. After the charge drain is completed, the device charges the battery afresh. Since it can take more time - up to 16 hours - to complete the calibration process if the battery has a considerable amount of charge in it, it is advised to start calibration after most of its charge is used up.

Canon LC-E19 is a top condition battery charger that works with a voltage of 10.8 V. Because of its small and compact size, it can be easily carried around. Its convenient size, along with its lightweight feature enables the product to be used as per the requirement of the user and makes it a perfect choice to carry along while traveling. The charger is perfect for use with Canon DSLR models and other Canon cameras. The Canon LC-E19 is a necessary product that ensures that the batteries are charged. The number of battery bays is 2. The Canon LC-E19 weighs 362.87 grams and has box dimensions of 8.6 x 4.35 x 3.2".


Number of Battery Bays 2
Charging voltage 10.8 volts
Input main power required 100 volts - 240 volts
Suitable for Canon camera batteries Yes
Adaptor type AC Adaptor
Compatible battery models LP-E19, LP-E4, LP-E4N
Charging Time for LP-E19 batteries 170 Minutes
Charging time for LP-E4 batteries 140 minutes
Charge status indicator Blinking lights
Calibration mode available Yes

Included in the box:

  • Canon LC-E19 battery charger
  • AC Adapter

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Canon Battery Charger LC-E19


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