Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case for the PowerShot SX500 IS Camera - Black


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Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera (Black) with Hook-and-Loop Closure, Zipper Closure, Exterior Material- Nylon, Belt Loop, Lightweight and perfect fit for PowerShot SX500, SX420

Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS is designed in such a way that your PowerShot SX500 IS and PowerShot SX510 HS remains safe and secure all the time. You require carrying the device from one place to another and there is always a probability of it falling down or someone snatching your device. In that case, you must use a case for stress-free roaming and shooting. If you are looking for an excellent way to provide protection to your device, this case is for you. It is made with Nylon that makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Your camera remains safe inside when you are trekking, biking, cycling, traveling, or doing any other activity.

Our Take on Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera (Black):

Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera comes with a handy belt loop that enables the user to experience hands-free photography. You need not take out the camera every time for shooting. Use the loop to keep the camera attached to your body parts such as neck, hand, or shoulder. You get two types of closure options with the case that makes it easier to use. Based on your preference and requirement, you can use Hook-and-Loop Closure or the Zipper Closure. Putting the camera or taking it out is easy and fun. The zipper or easy-to-use fastener can be used even while leaving the zipper undone.

Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera is elegantly designed and when you carry your device with the case, you add another dimension of style to your personality. You look dashing and it will make you look like a professional. The quality is super fine and it is very soft from inside as well as outside. You also protect your camera from dust, dirt, moisture, and water to some extent using the case. In case, the case gets dirty, you can easily wash it with water and detergent anytime, anywhere.

Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera is of a perfect size for your camera. Once you have it, you get a great amount of satisfaction with the case. There is a brand logo on the middle of the case that gives it a luxurious look and you get the feel of using a premium product. Canon is known for its quality and there is no compromise on that front from the company with this case. It is lightweight and foldable in any way when it does not have a camera inside. You get a companion in the form of a case that goes with you wherever you go.


Transport Options: Belt Loop
Exterior Material: Nylon
Hook-and-Loop Closure: Yes
Zipper Closure: Yes
Ideal for: PowerShot SX500, SX420
Waterproof: No
Brand: Canon
Hands-free carrying: Yes
Product Dimensions: 18.21 x 15.19 x 8.1 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg

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  • Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case IS Camera (Black)

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Canon PSC-4050 Deluxe Soft Case for the PowerShot SX500 IS Camera - Black


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