DJI Part 55 USB Charger for Intelligent Battery


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| 6AV# DJIP4USBCHU | MFR# CP.QT.000269

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The DJI USB Charger allows mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to be recharged using a DJI Intelligent Battery. If the battery level of your mobile device runs low when flying outdoors, you can connect a DJI USB charger to an Intelligent Battery to recharge.

  • Compatibility: Charger Models: PH4C100 (Phantom 4 - 100W Charger)ADE019 (Phantom 3 - 100W Charger)A14-057N1A (Phantom 3 - 57W Charger)ADE018 (Inspire 1 - 180W Charger)A14-100P1A (Inspire 1 - 100W Charger)Car Charger Models: C4S90-4 (Phantom 4 Car Charger)C4S90 (Phantom 3 Car Charger)C6S90 (Inspire 1 Car Charger)
  • Compatibility (Cont.): Intelligent Battery Models: PH4-5350mAh-15.2V (Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery)PH3-4480mAh-15.2V (Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery)TB47/TB48 (Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Battery)844297-4350mAh-15.2V (Ronin Intelligent Battery)824380-3400mAh-14.8V (Ronin Intelligent Battery)423496-1580mAh-14.4V (Ronin-M Intelligent Battery)

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DJI Part 55 USB Charger for Intelligent Battery


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