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Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Full Duplex Wireless Intercom 2 Way Communication System for 2 Users


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Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Intercom 2 Way Communication System is Full-Duplex and has noise-cancellation technology incorporated. It is a complete system for simultaneous communication of two users.

The Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Full-Duplex Intercom system makes direct communication between two individuals with hands-free operation. The device consists of one ULDM Dual-Ear Master Headset and one ULDR Dual-Ear Remote Headset, both incorporated with many advanced features. Both headsets are full-duplex, which means two people can talk to each other simultaneously, while in many other systems, one person needs to wait until the other person finishes talking. It has high noise cancellation capacity and is a highly recommended communication device that can perform well even while on the move.

Our Take on the the Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Intercom 2 Way Communication System, Full-Duplex :

The Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Full-Duplex Intercom system's performance is commendable as it can cover a wireless range of 1000 ft. LOS without any considerable disturbance in the voice. The system is pretty free from interference caused by other devices around since it uses 1.9 GHz as the operating frequency. The microphone has exceptional noise cancellation capacities and will work fine even in surroundings filled with a high level of noise signals. The communication system has a wide range of applications in varied fields such as construction, video production, film making, drone operation, boat operation, etc.

While most similar communication systems need belt pack transceivers to work, the Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Full-Duplex Intercom system doesn’t require any such additions to function. It is a highly compact device with almost all electronics enclosed within it. Even the batteries are housed in the earcups. Thus it is an all-in-one system. The batteries are lightweight and hence don't create any discomfort while enclosed in the headset. The device also has an automatic mute function when the microphone is pivoted upwards. The system has deluxe padding for comfortable use.

The Eartec UL2D UltraLITE Wireless Full-Duplex Intercom system works on two Li-ion rechargeable batteries. The devices will work continuously for up to 6 hours with a single full charge of the batteries. The batteries need to be charged for three hours for a full charge. It is easy to replace batteries when you need to do so; it can be done in seconds. Since they are of Lithium-ion chemistry, they don’t need to be drained for charging again, and they don’t develop a memory, unlike many other battery types. The product package comes with two rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and a Dual Bay multi-port battery charger to charge the batteries. It also has a Softside carrying case spacious enough to accommodate the complete system and accessories.


Operating frequency: 1.9 GHz
Communication technology: Wireless
Wireless range: Up to 1000 LOS
Communication mode: Full Duplex
Noise cancellation: Yes
Battery capacity: 6 hours
Battery recharge time: 3 hours
Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable
Weight: 0.704 oz.
Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 11 inches

Included in the box:

  • ULDM Dual-Ear Master Headset
  • ULDR Dual-Ear Remote Headset
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries – 2 nos.
  • Dual Bay Multi-port Charger
  • Softside Carrying Case

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