Rokinon Xeen XN50-PL 50mm T1.5 Professional CINE Lens for PL Mount


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Xeen by Rokinon is a new line of professional cine lenses.  They feature all the most important specifications of a professional cine lens.  The lenses are housed in a durable aluminum housing, focusing & aperture gears are smooth and accurate, focusing throw is generous, and the front lens diameter is 114mm.   Xeen by Rokinon lenses are all compatible with full frame cameras and are available Canon EF, Nikon, Sony FE, Micro Four Thirds, and PL mounts. All include a 3 year warranty.  Best of all, they are affordable and are often half the price of comparable pro cine lenses!

  • Features an aluminum body for increased durability, a tripod mount, large & easy to read markings, and a long focus throw (200 Degree)
  • Unified focus, aperture gear and T-stop scale positions among all Xeen by Rokinon lenses
  • Xeen by Rokinon lenses all have a 11 bladed diaphragm & unified 114mm front diameters for use with standard matte boxes
  • Angle of view 28.4° on full frame cameras; 18.7° on APS-C cameras; 19.0° on Super 35 cameras & 14.4° on MFT cameras
  • weighs only 2.7 lbs.

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Rokinon Xeen XN50-PL 50mm T1.5 Professional CINE Lens for PL Mount


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