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This high clarity type screen protector offers a crystal clear view of your Galaxy K zoom screen and is virtually invisable, appearing as if nothing is attached to the screen. Samsungs Screen Protector protects your Galaxy K zooms screen from scratches, drops, dust, and other outside elements. It allows you to view various content, including photos and videos on a crisp display. Applying the Screen Protector to the Galaxy K zoom screen is a breeze. You can install it in seconds. An extra screen protector is included, should it be needed to keep your Galaxy K zoom screen clear.

  • Keep your Galaxy K Zoom free from scratches, dust, and raindrops and other outside elements.
  • A high clarity screen cover delivers a crystal clear view.
  • Applying the screen protector is easy, taking only a few seconds.
  • Genuine Samsung product, Easy Installation
  • Compatible Models : GALAXY K Zoom

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Samsung Galaxy K zoom Screen Protector


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