Audient Audio Interface (iD22)


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Pristine converter Technologyid22 provides two analogue inputs and six analogue outputs, these are driven by high quality 24-bit/96kHz convertors. Through months of tests We optimsed component selections and circuit topologies to obtain every last ounce of convertor performance. The results are simply stunning - pin sharp stereo imaging, a fast low end with an impeccably detailed and smooth top end.World class mic Presid22 provides two classic Audient microphone Preamplifiers - The same pre amps that have become renowned with over 50, 000 channels in use worldwide. Our hybrid design utilizes a Class-A front end to provide clean and musical characteristics that sound stunning on any session. ID22 has the best mic preamp found on any audio interface and instantly provides a platform to produce outstanding recordings.Both input channels have a pad to handle hot levels, phantom power for condenser microphones, a high pass filter to remove unwanted low frequencies and a polarity switch to help you phase Align your inputs. Channel two features a discrete JFET DI input for you guitars, synths and other instruments.Grows with your Needsid22 is more than just a two in, six out interface. As your system grows ID22 can be expanded via the optical input and output Connectors, supporting both ADAT and SPDIF. When tracking drums you can expand up to ten inputs via an eight-channel mic pre such as our Asp880 into the ID22 via ADAT. When working with your favorite outboard reverb, this can be connected in stereo via S/PDIF and integrated via the mixer app offering you a practical and flexible desktop package.Fully balanced insertsthe two fully balanced insert points give you the chance to add your processing prior to conversion. Insert your favorite compression and EQ to build vocal chains that rival the very best. The insert return also gives you direct access to the analogue to digital converters - providing the cleanest signal path possible, making it great for print-backs or I.

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Audient Audio Interface (iD22)


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