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Motorola HKPN4007A CLP Series Multi-Unit Charger Kit (Black)


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Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP with Fast Charging, Back Pocket Storage, Up to 6 Radio Device Charging Compatibility, LED indicators, Lightweight, and Safe to use

Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP is a great addition to anyone who uses two-way radios. These radios are very useful in multiple business and personal setups but what if that communication device is discharged. Despite having the device, you cannot use them. That is why having a charger with an adapter is more than important. You can charge up to 6 CLP-series communication radios with these accessories. Most of the CLP communication devices provide battery backup from dawn to dusk so you can use it after the end of the day for charging them. Charging multiple communication devices at the same time is always a problem for businesses. Here, you can use the accessories for charging multiple devices making it comfortable for the user.

Our Take on Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP:

Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP comes with LED indicators that show you charging status. The indicator is located at all six points so you can check which device is getting charged. Usually, it takes around 3 hours to fully charge them. It has an impressive charging speed for a multi-unit charger. Plugging different chargers for different devices is always a pain in the neck for the user. Secondly, you need to keep a watch on radios as they may fall from charging or someone may take them. Here, you get complete comfort. Plug a single charger and rest assured about the charging of your device.

Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP comes with a back pocket for storing earpieces that gives support to your device while charging. The packet is of great help to your device and makes them safe from damage due to charger unplugging. Putting the device and unplugging them is easy. You just need to place your device at the provided place and the charger will hold it for charging.

Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP has a designed place to wall mount for better convenience. It is advisable to get it installed near the electrical point for easy and convenient charging. The charger works great all the time but sometimes you need to wiggle a radio to initiate the charging. As compared to the individual chargers, these accessories have enough space. It is lightweight and highly portable so you can carry it with you if required.


Designed for: CLP-series Communication
Fast charging: Yes
Brand: Motorola
Mountable on wall: Yes
Charging status indicator: Yes (LED)
No. of device charging at one time: 6
Back pocket: Yes (For earpiece storage)
Safe to use: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 432 x 70 x 38mm
Weight: 1.95 kg

Included in the box:

  • Motorola HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charger with Adapter for CLP

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